i recently had some training with Jody on my lighweight show hunter. Using his expertise as a producer and judge he offered fantastic advice., from correct tack to in hand and ridden advice. He gives very clear, straight forward and honest instruction, with his 'no nonsense' approach. i could immediatley feel a difference in how my horse was going.

Jody really focused on getting my horse moving toward with confidence and self carriage, which is essential for the show horse. I would highly recommend Jody as a trainer and producer.


Just to thank you for the great job you did with Queenie as I told you to have
her teeth done and to clip her she has always needed to be sedated ,and to see
her just standing there as good as gold was wonderful thank you once again.


Thank you Ali Parkes, for introducing me to and arranging for Jody to come out to do the horses, what a knowledgeable guy and a privilege to listen to, I have learned so much...going forward his advice will make a huge difference.

Amanda Williams