Equine Dentistry

Equine Dentistry is about improving a horses well being and allowing them to eat and grind their food up correctly without damaging their own mouths.
Also dentistry allows your horse to become more settled in the mouth so allowing you, the rider, to become more affective and sensitive to their needs, thus aiming for the better results in competition.

Jody has a brilliant understanding of your horses mouth and what the rider feels when the horse is unsettled in  the mouth. He has a good understanding of bits and how they work and which bit could best suit your horse.

Complete dental care is an extremely important part of equine “preventative health maintenance,” as is worming, vaccinating, and foot care. All of these considerations contribute to the optimum health, comfort, and performance of our equine companions.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on Equine Dental Services offered or to schedule an appointment for your horse or pony.


Monkey/Sow Mouth 

Missing Insisor
A polo pony can you spot her issues?!!
A parrot mouth on the polo pony
Missing incisors and a parrot mouth